Monday, February 16, 2015

A snowy day/ book 3 update / teaser

What more can a body want on Monday? If you live in the Northeast, maybe not snow - but we've had so little here in the Midwest this winter (at least where I live!) - that it's beautiful to look at. Large, soft flakes - dry, powdered sugar snow. I'll take a day or two of this... then Spring, please!

Over 2K words added to XVI Series, Book 3 today (that's 86K total & I'm still writing...) Here's a little teaser for y'all:

Spence smirked. “You pack quite a wallop for a girl,” he said. “One I won’t forget.” The smirk darkened.
“Play nice,” CiarĂ¡n said. “Besides, what else would you expect from Alan Oberon’s daughter?”
“Ah, the great Alan Oberon,” Spence said. “Long may he reign.”

Stay warm & dry & read if you're snowed in!