Friday, July 7, 2017

Next in line...

Aha! Found the next writing project! A Young Adult mystery. It's a completed draft, in the edit/rewrite stages, and it's a story I love! A teaser...

           "For the first time ever, I’m glad Mom and Dad insisted I take every first aid course the YMCA offered. I kneel next to her and place two fingers on her throat. Her skin is cool, too cool. There’s no pulse. I check again to be sure.  
           How long has she been dea… I can’t even think the word. A cold thrill runs up my spine. What if she’s been mur-- Don’t go there, Cait! My hands shake so badly it’s hard to hit speed dial."

More to come... But in the meantime, blackberries from the garden... I see muffins in my future!

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  1. Hi Julia,

    I'm from Brazil, so sorry if i write something wrong because i'm not used to write in english. I bought your book (XVI # 1) last week (the cover caught my eye) and finished reading today. I liked it very much, the book has mystery and you want to continue reading to find out what will happen. I loved Nina, Dee, sandy (: '(), wei, derek, mike and sal. I was sad to know that in Brazil, we only have the first book in Portuguese, my mother will not be able to read it, but I'll read the second one in English and tell her what happend. thank you for the book! :)