Friday, November 2, 2018

End of Day 2 - NaNoWriMo

Word count is at 3,996.

A snippet from my novel (by the way - Patio is a cat)...

       "His shock of white hair reminded me a bit of Inspector Morse, well, John Thaw, the guy who played him in the series. And, although I loved Morse, I was not kidding myself, Detective Fox was, well, foxier. 
       Patio scratched at the screen to come outside. I reached behind me and held open the screen. After surveying things from the front and side of the porch, he hopped onto my lap.
       “Gawd Almighty, Pats, I’m making up really bad puns about that detective. He is cute, though, isn’t he?” Patio head-butted my hand, for which he was fittingly rewarded with scratches behind the ears."

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